Johari Window

Named for it’s creators Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham, the Johari Window reveals four aspects of Self that influence how you show up and how others experience you.

Johari Window pic sm By expanding your Public Self and shrinking your Blind Spots, Hidden Self, and Unconscious Self, you become more capable and confident as a person—and as a leader.

My Public Self is what I show to others. My Hidden Self contains parts of me I don’t reveal to others. My Blind Spots are parts of me that others see but I do not. My Unconscious Self is parts of me I do not see and others do not see. Each of us have all four aspects of self, but to varying degrees.

A more aware person has a larger Public Self with the other three aspects reduced. She is aware of why she acts the way she does and is more open and genuine with others because she has reduced her Blind Spots and Hidden Self while working to bring the Unconscious Self to greater awareness. She is in touch with her needs, feelings and values—her True Self—the source of her wisdom and identity.

An unaware person generally has a small Public Self and the other three aspects are larger and unexplored. This person acts in ways he doesn’t understand because outdated decisions and habitual behaviors cause him to develop Blind Spots. He has developed a Hidden Self as a defense against his own shame.  He has disconnected from his True Self and become more guarded and less genuine with others.

Learn more about Johari Window.

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