Team struggling? Let their greatness guide them.

Have you ever been on a team that seemed to lose its way? You knew it was struggling because team members triangulated and created cliques within the team, found unity against a common foe like management, or went silent about issues that impacted their goals.

Toxic attitudes and poor results are telltale signs of a team in trouble.

Next time your team struggles through its storming phase, help the team reconnect with purpose and passion by discovering their inner greatness. 

The Great Teams experience allows team members to reflect on memorable team experiences, share their stories of greatness, and clarify their behavioral expectations of each other. We’ve used this process with teams ranging from road crews to public health workers to senior management.

Through story sharing and collaborative discussions, teams deepen their understanding and admiration for each other. They equip themselves with practices that help them sustain change, monitor progress, and ensure clear communication so they can move together with confidence toward their goals.

Give it a go and let us know about the greatness you discover in your team.

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