Sculpting our better selves

Michealangelo was known for his ability to see form within a slab of marble. He allowed the form to emerge as he chiseled away the extraneous material. How might we sculpt others—liberate them to emerge as they dream to be? How might we help ourselves and others emerge as our best selves while working together?

These questions inform the work we do as conflict engagers. We strive to help groups hold that marvelous energy inherent in conflict. If we can hold it and use it with intention, we can avoid the nasty results that people often association with conflict–the loss of trust, broken promises, emotional turmoil, and shattered relationships.

With intent and skill we can shape conflict toward productive ends such as the results and relationships people really want—like energy that feeds new ideas and creative approaches because different ideas clash and meld and innovate. 

Conflict can help us sculpt our better selves.

Here are the tools we can use:

  • a strong foundation of caring for each other
  • curiosity that hears others into being,  and
  • a clear intention that together we can create something far greater than on our own.


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